Friday, November 26, 2010


This year for Thanksgiving, we invited several families that John works with over for lunch.  One family has just moved to Denver from India, and so it was nice to give them the typical, American Thanksgiving experience!  The other family is from Mexico, and although they have lived in the States for a while, it was nice to have their perspective on Thanksgiving as well.  We enjoyed Indian Samosas to start, turkey and all the American sides, and Mexican flan for dessert!

Here is my table, all set! (minus the kids' Gobble Gobble paper plates that I added later)
 My grandmother always served Thanksgiving on these Johnson Brother's turkey plates (the pattern is His Majesty).  Last year I ordered some for myself, to continue the tradition.  The best part is that mine are microwaveable and dishwasher safe!  Yay for easy clean up!
 Doesn't the wreath work well in here?
 The kids pulled the wishbone before all the guests arrived, and while John was carving the bird.  These aren't great pictures, but I love how Grayson realizes before Caroline that SHE got the bigger piece.  No photos of the crying that came later.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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