Thursday, November 11, 2010

Entry stairs

We've all heard "First impressions are lasting impressions" right?

So, I'm now drawing inspiration for a grand entry area in our new house. 

{We all know this house does not yet exist, right}

Our house in Colorado does not really have an entry to speak of.  Oh, it has a front door, and a little patch of wood flooring before you're thrust into the formal living area.  But in my dream house, there would be a nice space dedicated to entering! 

There would be, or course, a staircase.  Preferably one with a modern, metal railing.

Also, a table.  Displaying things kids aren't allowed to touch! (or books and mail.  Let's be realistic!)

Maybe a picture gallery up the wall...or down the hall.

 White walls, brown wood flooring

 and plenty of gorgeous moldings!

Of course, since we mostly enter our home through the garage, maybe I should be focusing on the mudroom instead!

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