Wednesday, October 27, 2010

glass etching

Quite a while ago, I found this tutorial for glass etching at Create Studio.
So I decided to give it a try and make a gift for my MIL...oh, for last Mother's Day.  I didn't get to it as quickly as I would have liked, and on the first go-round, I messed up the pitcher a little.  Good thing she and I share the same last initial, because I have a new pitcher with a slightly messed up "H" etched on it!

So the gift has been put off 6 months, and now her birthday is around the corner, and I'm determined to get to it again.
So, I'm going to give my hand at a pitcher (straight sides this time!) and 4 drinking glasses.  I can't decide if I want to etch all the pieces with the same "H", or if I want to use a different font for each glass.  My thought was, that if each glass was different, then you would never get confused as to which glass was yours!  I narrowed it down to 6 choices.

Here's what you (and I) need to remember:
-etching cream is EXPENSIVE, but also REUSABLE.  Be prepared to do LOTS of projects.
-pick a glass item with straight sides.  Cylindrical is ok...but not rounded or bulbous.
-be prepared for a little imperfection!
-check Create Studio for all her other tips as posts about etching.

I'll post some pictures when I'm finished.

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