Friday, July 8, 2011

dream house (with a dose of reality)

You've seen those blog posts, where the writer posts photos of their Dream House room-by-room.

We'll here's my version.  It's not quite a Dream House post, but rather how I most desire my current (under construction) house to look.  I've limited myself to one photo per room, just for the challenge!

Through the front door, you'll find this entry.  Panelling, stair treads, wall color...perfection.
 The powder room on the first floor.  I'm planning to stencil a more geometric pattern.
 John's study.  The least "concrete" room in my mind.  I just can't wrap my mind around it.  Although, I HAVE purchased a light fixture!
 Kitchen.  Our cabinets will be creamy white, dark brown island, and a HUGE lantern.
 Living.  Hope to have my red chairs recovered to look like these.
 Laundry.  We'll have to add some cabinets.
Moving upstairs, we have Grayson's Flag themed room.  He'll have 2 twin beds, which is more fun to plan for than you can imagine.
 Caroline's room.  Will be based from Joel Dewberry's Dogwood Bloom fabric in pink.
 Guest Room.  Where can I get my hands on a blanket like that??!
 Master bedroom.  Killer Colleen McGill curtains.
 Master Bath.  Dark Cabinets, but our floors will be white.
The kids bathroom is the only room I have NOTHING for.  But seeing as they just use ours, maybe I can keep putting that off for a bit longer.

And, obviously, I desire NO color in this house.  Wonder how that will turn out?

After we move in, and slowly make some changes I'll photograph the actual spaces, and see how well I did.  Or didn't!

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