Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I have unrealistic ideas about lighting.  Like for 1:  I think it should be free (or practically).  I cannot stomach the idea of paying $1500 for a light fixture, no matter how beautiful and perfect it is.  Honestly, even $300 makes my tummy quiver.  I look at that money and see a summer's worth of swimming lessons, or a week of summer camp for my kids.  But I guess that's just the reality of being a mama!

In our new home, several rooms will come with lighting (recessed lights in the kitchen, living room and basement), and quite a few builder-grade, oil rubbed bronze fixtures for the hallways, kids rooms, laundry, dining room, bathrooms, and entry way.  I will probably want to change most of these out over time.  Some sooner (kids rooms) and some over time (dining room, bathrooms).  For most of these I'm just waiting to see exactly what they put in the house, and see how it looks before I spend more to change 'er up.

But there are a few spaces where there won't be a light fixture (only a ceiling rough-in) and we will have to put a light in in order to SEE!  These 3 immediate places are the master bedroom, which will get a ceiling fan, and John's office/study/library, which will get a hanging fixture, and the kitchen island, which will get a hanging lantern.

I'm most excited about the lantern, so let's start there.  I'll cover the other choices later.

Here are my kitchen inspiration photos.  At least the ones with lanterns.
by Tommy Smythe, via Heidi Claire
 by Healing Barsanti, via House Beautiful
 via decorpad

These lanterns are all so wonderful!  The top image, by Tommy Smythe, is my favorite.

In my space, I only have room for one hanging lantern, which is due more to budget than style or space.   I'd love to keep the budget less than $500 (realistically)  Truthfully, I'd be ecstatic to see something closer to $100..  Although, this is the fixture I'd be willing to spend the most on in the whole house. So, here are some lantern options:
The leader: Cambridge Pendant from Restoration Hardware ($399)
Who knows where we'll end up, but it's fun to plan ahead!

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