Friday, January 14, 2011

Master Bedroom

I have this bedroom photo saved 3 different times on my computer. 
I guess it's safe to say I like it. 
I guess it's also safe to say lots of others love it too, given the number of times I've found it on the internet.

I've saved the picture for the large mirror.
I've saved the picture for the wall color.
I've saved the picture for the curtains.  Fabric.  Style.  Rod.  Pleat
For the solid color bedding.
For the upholstered headboard.  And that it's tufted.
For the chandelier.

Here's another bedroom by Colleen McGill that I also like.
In fact...I seem to LOVE a lot of Ms. McGill's work.  Here are several more.
I see a definite color trend, creamy white walls, minimal dark accents, large mirrors, round convex it all.

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