Tuesday, March 1, 2011

glitter baby

I'm considering an update for Caroline's white dresser and nightstand.

Right now, the plain white dresser, is adorned with simple painted wooden knobs.

The dresser looks a lot like this:
I'm hoping to add some glittery, sparkly, crystal knobs.  Won't it make for a more personalized, girly dresser?

 I've found these examples from Anthropologie.  They are all pretty reasonably priced at $6-$8 a piece. 
Or these pale pink numbers.
But still, for 16 knobs + tax and shipping, that can get really expensive.  So I think I'll have to do some more searching.  I did see the top Anthropologie knobs on ebay for about half the price.  It would still be an $80 project, so we'll see.

Any tips for scoring some great glass/crystal/plastic knobs on the cheap?

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  1. we used similar Anthropologie knobs for our nightstands and dresser. Ill have to take a picture and post it on my blog so you can see; I am very happy with the results!